Entrance Requirements

Alumni, Associates, Affiliates, PEIA and Silver Sneakers must have a valid Marshall University ID or Marshall Recreation Center key tag to access the facility.

Memberships may be purchased by month with auto draft, single month no commitment, or year.

A  liability waiver will need to be signed; verification of member information and a picture will be taken to process the membership.


A tour guide must accompany all tours.  A tour guide will be someone with the University conducting a campus tour to an individual or group.  A Campus Recreation staff member must then accompany any person or group who is requesting a tour, and is not accompanied by a University guide.  The visitors must sign into and out of the Daily Visitor Entry Log, located at the front of the Welcome Desk.



Children and or dependents of members between the age of 16-25 can purchase a membership by month with auto draft, single month no commitment or year.

Children  of members who are 15 and under are allowed free access into the facility at any time that the facility is open must be directly supervised in the facility at all times by the parent/guardian.

Members age 16-17, may enter the facility on their own.  However, a parent/guardian MUST sign a building waiver BEFORE the young member may enter the facility.

A liability waiver will need to be signed by parent/guardian; verification of child’s information and a picture will be taken to process the membership.


Membership Cancellation

  • Cancellation within the initial 12 months requires a cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation fee is the cost of the remaining months of membership.
  • After the initial 12 months, cancellation is possible at any time.
  • 30 days’ notice is required.