Student Memberships


Entrance Requirements

To enter a student must have an “Active” status, he or she must have been assessed the full Rec Center fee each semester. A  liability waiver will need to be signed; verification of student information and a picture will be taken to process the membership. All students must provide a current, valid Marshall University ID to enter the building. Students who have yet to receive or have lost their ID should get a temporary card from ID Services, located in the Student Center, indicating that a card is being processed. The temporary card and a picture ID must be brought on each visit for access.


Full Time Student

All full-time undergraduate/graduate/professional students attending the Huntington Campus are assessed $206.00 per semester. A valid Marshall University Student ID is required for entrance.


Part Time Student

All part-time students attending the Huntington Campus are assessed a fee according to the number of credit hours taken up to 11 credit hours for undergraduates and 8 for graduate/professional students. 


Off Semester Student

Off semester students not enrolled for the current semester may purchase a membership at the voluntary student rate with proof of enrollment for the previous or upcoming semester.


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