Guest Passes

Daily Guest Pass

Adult $10

Youth $6

-Members may sponsor guests by purchasing a daily guest pass. 

-Sponsored guests must be accompanied by the sponsoring member in order to use the facility.

-A liability waiver will need to be signed; verification of guest information and a picture will be taken.

-Sponsoring of guests may be restricted, at the discretion of Marshall Recreation Center staff, to prevent facility overcrowding during busy times.

-Members are responsible for their guests’ conduct and any damage to or loss of property that may result in their guests’ actions.  Disciplinary action may result in the loss of guest or members privileges.


Complimentary Pass

-Member Services and full-time staff may issue complimentary passes to prospective members who show interest in joining.

-A liability waiver will need to be signed; verification of prospective member information and a picture will be taken.

-The complimentary pass must be presented on each visit.
For more information about complimentary passes contact Kirsten Whittemore ( | 304-696-4652)

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