Marshall Recreation Center

1st Floor

1. Main Lobby

Located at the entrance of the Marshall Recreation Center, the Main Lobby offers 1,400 sq. feet of meeting and lounge space for members and non-members alike.  Guests are welcome to catch up on studies, hang out with friends, grab a snack from the rec store, or relax in the lobby’s plush lounge furniture and high top tables with stools.  The Main Lobby serves as a meeting place for many groups, PEL classes and tours, and is also the host of many events held by a variety of rental groups.

2. The Rec Store

  Located just off the main lobby, the Rec Store serves as the Marshall Recreation Center’s Proshop where guests can purchase Marshall University and Marshall Campus Recreation apparel and supplies. Fitness and sport specific accessories and equipment are also available so you can get the most out of your Campus Recreation experience.  In addition, the Rec store contains coolers and displays providing essential beverage and healthy snack options to Recreation Center guests.  The Rec Store desk also serves as a secondary member service area to allow us to provide efficient customer service when lines form at the main member service desk.

3. Equipment Checkout

 As an extension of the Rec Store, Equipment Checkout is located just inside the member access gates behind the Rec Store service desk. It serves as a source for members and paid guests to checkout a variety of recreation and sports equipment free of charge with a University ID or Marshall Recreation Center key tag. In order to check out equipment a valid Marshall/MCTC ID, Rec Center key tag, or guest account number is required. Equipment must be returned 10 minutes before the facility closes.  Any equipment not returned by the time of closing will be deemed “late” and a hold will be placed on the members account to speak to a manager before reentry. When equipment is returned, it is inspected for damages. If equipment is damaged or lost, patrons are responsible for paying the assessed value of the equipment. Patrons will not have access to the facility until the fee is paid.

4. Member Service Desk

 The Member Service Desk is the point of entry for all members and eligible guests and serves as the customer service hub of the Marshall Recreation Center. Patrons present their Marshall University ID or Marshall Rec Center key tag to verify membership and be welcomed into the facility. The Member Service Desk staff are able to assist with all membership, program, and service needs as well as carrying out towel and locker rentals. The Member Service Desk is truly the one-stop-shop for all things Marshall Campus Recreation. 

5. Administrative Office Suite

 Located in the northwest wing of the Marshall Recreation Center, the Administrative Office Suite houses the majority of the Rec’s administrative staff, the Business Services Reception Desk, and the Main Conference Room for the department of Campus Recreation at Marshall University. Patrons wishing to meet with one of the Campus Recreation administrative professionals are welcome to inquire with the office manager on duty at the Business Services Reception Desk who will greet them upon entering the suite.  The office manager is able to direct inquiries to the staff member who can best assist and arrange for other solutions to help if a particular staff member is not present. Administrative staff business hours are 9 am—5 pm, Monday—Friday, but staff are often available before or after these hours as well, and office managers are available during peak hours to assist in their absence.

6. Wellness Suite

 The office of Student Health Services has partnered with the Department of Campus Recreation to house their offices within the Wellness Suite at the Marshall Recreation Center. The Wellness Suite also contains the Wellness Classroom where a variety of program and services from both organizations are located. The Wellness Suite is located just off the Main Lobby and provides service to both members and non-members of the Marshall Recreation Center. 

7. Gymnasium

Nearly 24,000-square-foot of top of the line maple flooring spread over 4 courts used for basketball, volleyball, and badminton. Equipment for these sports can be reserved at the Equipment Checkout free of charge. The gymnasium is often used for intramural sports in the evenings during the academic year. Court 1 is kept available for drop-in recreation use when intramurals are taking place. When intramurals are not taking place, Courts 3 & 4 can be rented or used for programming during non-peak hours.  Digital monitors displaying the daily schedules are located in the hallway adjacent to the courts. 

8. Aquatic Center

The Aquatic Center at the Marshall Recreation Center boasts a 100,000 gallon leisure pool with three 25 yard lap lanes and a resistive current pool referred to as the Vortex.  In addition, a 20-person 3,000 gallon hot tub provides patrons with a relaxing and therapeutic option to soak during Aquatic Center hours.  Home to private and group swim lessons for both youth and adults, aquatic fitness and outdoor programs, private rentals and non-private parties, and of course open recreation for leisure and lap swimmers, the Aquatic Center provides something for everyone! Daily schedules for the pool are displayed on the digital monitor just past the main entrance gates of the Marshall Recreation Center near the pool windows.

9. Locker Rooms

The men and women locker rooms provide guests with restrooms, showers, lockers, and changing areas.  Over 425 digital day use lockers are available free of charge to patrons to secure their belongings.  Lockers are equipped with Digi Locks which guests use to set a unique four digit combination while they are at the Marshall Recreation Center. Combination Lockers are also available for rent by patrons interested in consistent long-term storage for their belongings.  Shampoo and body soap are available in each of the individual shower stalls. Shower towels are also available for a semester fee and come with the rental of a locker for patrons wishing to use that service.

10. Family Change Rooms

Provided as a convenience to families needing all locker room services in one location, two separate cabanas with shower and restroom facilities are located in the family changing room as well as 25 Digital day use lockers.  Families may enter a unique four digit code to lock the lockers while they are at the Marshall Recreation Center. Shampoo and body soap are available in each of the individual shower stalls. Shower towel services are available for a fee.

11. Racquetball Courts

Three competition size racquetball courts with glass back walls are available for drop-in or reserved use.  Courts 2 & 3 also double as wallyball courts for patrons interested in a fun, fast paced version of volleyball.  Reservations and Equipment for both racquetball and wallyball can be made at the Equipment Checkout Desk.  Racquetballs, eye protection, gloves and other equipment are available for purchase.

12. Outdoor Resource & Rental Center

 The home base for the Outdoor Pursuits trip and clinic program, and the teambuilding and leadership program, the Outdoor Resource Center is the place to find all types of information on outdoor adventures and skill building that are available.  Additionally, for those patrons interested in renting outdoor gear and equipment to partake in their outdoor adventure, the rental center located at the Outdoor Pursuits welcome desk will be able to serve those needs.  Check-in for the climbing wall and registration for belay certifications and other climbing and outdoor related programs will also take place at the outdoor pursuits welcome desk.  The Outdoor Pursuits Coordinator Office is also located in this area.  Patrons with questions for the Outdoor Pursuits Coordinator are welcome to visit the office during the hours of 9-5pm.


2nd Floor

1. Strength & Conditioning Area

-All participants must be 16 years of age or older or accompanied by a Campus Recreation Personal Trainer.  Anyone 15 years and under may complete the Youth Fitness Orientation to utilize the fitness equipment, and still remain with a parent or guardian. 

-All Personal Trainers must be hired through the Marshall Recreation Center. 

-All equipment must remain in the area it was placed.  Do not move equipment from one location to another.

-Use of weight clips is required at all times.

-Chalk is prohibited.

-All patrons must wipe down the equipment with a sanitizing wipe after use.  Sanitary wipes are available around the fitness floors.

-All equipment must be used in the manner for which it was designed.  Equipment modification is not permitted.

-Spotters are recommended on all lifts.  Marshall Recreation Center staff are available for spotting and equipment use assistance.  Patrons are discouraged from improper equipment us.

-Dropping weights is prohibited. 

-Top loading additional weight onto the weight stack machines is prohibited.

-During periods of high use, a 30-minute maximum time limit may be instituted for equipment.

-Synrgy System is available for personal use and certain designated classes.

-Patrons should refrain from working out in the undesignated areas such as hallways.

-The fitness zone area offers free motion equipment and provides additional stretching and mat exercise area.

-Fitness towels are available as a courtesy to our patrons and are located at various stations on the fitness floors.  Towels need to be returned to appropriate bins after use.

2. Group Exercise Studios

-Participants are highly encouraged to arrive to class on time due to the importance of a sufficient warm-up period.  It is highly recommended that participants stay for the entire class to ensure participation in the proper cool-down phase. 

-Hard-soled, closed-toe athletic shoes or cycling shoes are recommended for all SPINNING classes.  Shoe removal may be appropriate in Yoga and flexibility training classes, at the instructor’s discretion.

-Towels are required for all classes and may be picked up at various stations throughout the fitness areas. 

-All equipment must remain in the studios and must be returned to its proper location after use.  Equipment from other areas may not be brought into the studios.  All equipment should be used for the manner for which it is designed.

-Studios A, B & C are only available for scheduled classes.  Studio D is available for drop in use. 


3rd Floor


-3 lanes for walking, jogging, and running.

-Jogging direction changes daily.

-Inner lane is designated for walkers; middle lane for joggers and outer lane designated for runners.

-No side-by-side running or jogging.

-No strollers permitted.