Each year thousands of students participate in a variety of sports, leagues and divisions offered through the Marshall Intramural Program. Our program strives to provide students with a variety of recreational opportunities that allow them to engage in healthy competition. Whether you’re a gifted athlete or just want to play for fun, intramurals are a great way to get involved in recreation!

Most intramural games are played Monday-Thursday between 5:00 pm—12:00 am. However, we do offer occasional weekend play and may extend hours due to high numbers of teams or rain-outs that occur during a season.

“IM Leagues” is the scheduling and scoring system for Marshall University IM Sports. Participants must create an IM Leagues account in order to view their teams’ schedules and set team rosters. Through IM Leagues, players can track standings, find teammates, view schedules, and receive updates on game cancellations or special events. In addition, MU IM Sports participants can set creative team logos and colors, compare personal game statistics with their most trusted teammates and their toughest opponents, and show off a Championship Trophy Case to all their friends! Click here to sign up!



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