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Summer 2015 Wellness Programs

The summer Wellness Programs are apart of the Human Resource Services Healthy Living Training, offered at the Rec. The Marshall Community is invited to attend at no cost and will receive a complementary guest pass. All others are welcome to attend on a drop-in first-come-first serve basis.  The sessions will be held in the Marshall Rec’s Wellness Classroom. Marshall employees can click here to register.

May 26th-  “5 Simple Weight Loss Strategies” Learn the basics of weight loss through simple lifestyle changes.

June 30th- “Breathe to Lift Your Mood & Reduce Stress”
This workshop will provide a brief background on the benefits of using breath & gentle movement to improve your mood & reduce stress. Simple techniques using both breath & gentle movement will be introduced to include instructions on how to do these practices on your own. These practices will focus on lifting your mood, reducing stress/anxiety,& helping to induce a restful sleep.

July 28th- “Exercising with Diabetes” How to manage diabetes and what to expect when beginning and exercise program.

August 25th- “Beginners Walking Program” Come take a walk on the Rec’s 1/7th mile indoor track. You will learn tips to start a walking program for weight loss, bone health, heart health and increased energy.

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