Personal Training


Why hire a personal trainer?

You want a challenging, time-efficient workout based on your individual fitness goals. You need someone to motivate you and make tough workouts fun. Your current exercise program is not providing the results you want. You need guidance to improve your health by reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease, bone loss, loss of balance, muscle weakness, etc.

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Personal Training Rates

Individual Personal Training*
Number of SessionsMemberNon-Member
Partner Personal Training*
Number of SessionsMemberNon-Member
Group Personal Training*
Number of SessionsMemberNon-Member
Fitness Assessment*
Number of SessionsMember Non-Member
Nutrition Consultation*
Number of SessionsMemberNon-Member

Cost of partner and group packages may be divided by the training participants. Newly registered clients will be contacted within 72 business hours by Personal Training staff. Preferred trainer(s) are not guaranteed; assignment is based on trainer/client availability. All sessions are 1 hour in duration and begin at scheduled appointment time. Please arrive 10 minutes or more prior to session to allow time to check in at MRC Pro Shop or Members Services and to store personal belongings in locker room. All services are non-refundable and non-transferable. Packages expires 1 year from purchase date. The 24 hour cancellation policy reserves the right of the Personal Trainer to claim a session if it is cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time. Free babysitting services Monday-Friday, 4pm-7pm.


Fitness Assessment

Test your overall fitness and receive an individualized exercise prescription. Your session will include: Body Fat %, Sub-Max Cardiovascular VO2 Testing, Circumference Measurements, Flexibility, Muscular Strength, and Endurance Tests. Know before you go!


Nutrition Consultation

Meet one-on-one with a nutritionist to learn the principals of metabolism. Sessions are for everyone, not just those interested in weight loss. Sessions are also useful in both better sports performance and body building. Food is Fuel! Click here to see our Nutritionist. 


Other Questions or Concerns?

Contact our Personal Training Coordinator Chris Lane at or 304-696-4107.

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