Personal Trainers

  • Chris Lane

    Chris Lane

    Personal Training Coordinator   Chris has over 14 years of experience in fitness including 6 years as a Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning...

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  • Katie Heck

    Katie Heck

    Katie Heck is currently in the Exercise Physiology program at Marshall University. Katie began her own personal fitness journey in 2010 and has been...

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  • Clyde Maynard

    Clyde Maynard

    Clyde Maynard completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Adult Fitness in 1996 here at Marshall University. Clyde is a military veteran and served both in...

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  • Austin Holmes

    Austin Holmes

    Austin Holmes began his career at the Rec in 2009 and is now the Graduate Assistant for Fitness. Austin graduated from Marshall University with...

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  • Desiree Gibbs

    Desiree Gibbs

    Desiree Gibbs is an ACE certified personal trainer with an associate’s degree in Business Management from Columbus State. Desiree grew up racing dirt bikes...

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  • Grace Billups

    Grace Billups

    Grace Billups has been a personal trainer for two years and serves as the Marshall Recreation Center’s PEIA Weight Management Coordinator. Grace is also...

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  • Alex Colianni

    Alex Colianni

    Alex Colianni completed his degree in History and Political Science at Loyola University in Chicago.  Alex is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Exercise...

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  • Deron Keeton

    Deron Keeton

    Deron Keeton has been a NASM Personal Trainer since December of 2012. Deron has worked with a variety of clients from athletes looking to...

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  • Micaiah Branch

    Micaiah Branch

    Micaiah Branch received his bachelor’s degree in Medical Imaging from Marshall University. Micaiah is currently attending Marshall for a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology—a...

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  • Alexander Molina

    Alexander Molina

    Alexander Molina received his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with a focus on Exercise Physiology from Marshall University. Alexander is a referee for the...

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  • Andrew Lively

    Andrew Lively

    Andrew has attained a B.S. in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Clinical Exercise Physiology from Marshall University. He is also an ACSM Certified Personal...

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