Class Descriptions

-Aqua Fitness
This class is a shallow water cardiovascular and muscular conditioning workout, designed to increase the heart rate. This Class incorporates a variety of equipment for resistance, with minimal choreography

Indoor cycling that include endurance, strength and interval training. Experience a variety of situations in this 45-minute long session including hill climbs, fast flats and exhilarating finishes.

-Yoga Flow
This class is Hatha Yoga with an emphasis on fitness! Postures are held for longer durations to bring focus to the body and to calm the mind. A relaxation segment is also included for those of you who need to de-stress.

-Belly Dance
Belly dance is a fun, low-impact workout that will tone your body & increase your confidence. Join us to learn proper technique, muscle isolations, and foundational belly dance movements through exciting choreographies!

Ditch the workout, Join the party! All fitness and skill levels are welcome in this exclusive class, where you’ll have a chance to really shake it. Burn calories and have a blast doing it.

Indoor group cycling taken to the next level in an hour long session. Challenge your strength and endurance as you conquer various terrains designed to improve your overall fitness.

-Cardio Kick
A combination of aerobic kicking and punching moves; nonstop calorie burning action.

-Yoga Body Burn
Yoga Body Burn is a class designed for cross-training the fitness/sports enthusiast. This class will aid in increasing endurance and flexibility and building core power and strength.

-Boxing Body Beatdown
Tired of doing all of your cardio on a treadmill? B3 is a fast paced cardio class designed to work total body and will deliver an intense workout. This class will revolve around the conditioning fundamentals observed in boxing and kickboxing including; heavy bag, jump rope, running, plyometrics, speed ropes, etc.

-Express Cycle
A quick and effective 30 minute indoor group cycling class for all levels. Classes include endurance, strength, and interval training. Climb hills, cruise flats and sprint while you get fit and burn calories. Perfect for those on a tight schedule.

-Hard Core
This endurance training class is all about your core, with a half hour of strength and stability for the abs and back. All fitness levels are welcome.


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