Swim Lessons


Parent and Tot

Parent/Tot Classes are beneficial because it allows the parent to interact and contribute to the child’s growing swimming skills. This class is for children to young too participate in level one lessons. This class is used to overcome fear of the water.


Level 1 & 2

Level 1: This class is for children who are afraid to enter the water and have little to no previous training. We begin with the basics by explaining the three main parts of swimming: arms, legs, and breathing. Level 2: Introduce stroke work. Most of the kids in this class are fairly comfortable in the water and are generally aged between four and six. They mainly learn about the freestyle stroke, floating, and gliding.


Level 3 & 4

Level 3: This level is designed for five to seven year olds. It is faster paced and for kids who are completely confident in the water without assistance. We work on improving arm strokes and kicking. The emphasis is mainly on refining the strokes. Level 4: At this level most kids have mastered the basics of swimming. Most of the six to eight year-olds are confident in the water.


Level 5 & 6

Level 5: This is for children who are at least seven years old and have mastered basic swimming skills. They work on advanced swimming skills like stroke development, kick coordination, flip turns, and more. This course teaches the skills used on swim teams. Level 6: At this level the children completely master all basic and advanced swimming skills. Children should be confident, competent swimmers by the end of this course.  The course advances the skills for competitive swimming.

Private Lessons

If group lessons do not fit your needs, private or partner lessons may be a better fit. We will work to find you the best match for an instructor based on your needs and availability. We will then schedule the lessons with you to fit your schedule.

Private Lesson Fees:


One Participant:

1 Lesson: Member-$30 Non-Member-$35

5 Lessons: Member-$135 Non-Member-$155

10 Lessons: Member-$255 Non-Member-$295


Two Participants:

1 Lesson: Member-$45 Non-Member-$50

5 Lessons: Member-$200 Non-Member-$225

10 Lessons: Member-$380 Non-Member-$425


For more information contact Sophia Cooper ( cooper278@live.marshall.edu  304-696-4732 or 304-696-6772). We love your feedback! Please complete our survey.

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