Frequently Asked Questions


-What are the membership fees?

Fees are different for all membership types. For a full list of fees click here.


-How do I pay the student membership fees?

Student membership fees of $199 per semester are most often paid via a student’s tuition, on a credit hour basis. Any classes taken off of the Huntington Main Campus (on-line, Charleston campus, St. Mary’s, etc.) are not assessed this fee. Those students who wish to enter the Recreation Center, but do not have full-time status or are taking classes away from the main campus, are required to pay the Rec Center fee at the Rec Center Welcome Desk. Please note that partial payment might be required if the student is taking some classes on the Huntington Main campus. For more information click here.


-Can students opt out of paying the membership fees?

Students may not opt out of paying the University assessed fees for the Recreation Center.


-Can members of the community join?

Yes. Community members that wish to become members of the Rec Center must have an affiliation to Marshall University as Alumni, Marshall University Faculty/Staff, Affiliates or Associates. For questions about eligibility, please contact the Rec Center at (304)696-4732 or visit the Welcome Desk.


-If I forget my ID can the desk attendant just look me up by typing in my 901 #?

Members are required to bring either their Marshall University/Mountwest ID’s or key tags to swipe in at the front desk. Patrons may forget their ID’s up to 3 times per semester, and once those have been used, the patron will be required to purchase a guest pass.


-How do I get affiliated?

Potential members that are not affiliated with Marshall University may become affiliated by making a monetary donation to the Big Green Scholarship Foundation or to the Alumni Association. You must have earned at least 1 credit hour at Marshall to join the Alumni Association. The donation form is located at the Welcome desk for your convenience.


-What are the contract requirements for membership?

Members are required to sign a 1-year commitment to the Rec Center. A valid credit card must be placed on file, and will be auto drafted the first week of each month.  After the 12th payment has been made, drafts will automatically continue until the membership is cancelled. There are no cancellation fees assessed once you have met the 12 month requirement. If patrons do not wish to commit to a year-long membership, they are able to sign up for a monthly membership for $60 per month. This membership type is good for 30 days from the date of purchase.


Patrons can pay for the year in full and receive a 20% discount for the full 12 month commitment. Cancellation fees apply if the membership is terminated within the 12 month requirement.


-Can I freeze or cancel my membership at any time?

Members are able to freeze their memberships twice per year for up to 3 months each time. The freezes may not happen consecutively, and 30 days’ notice is required.


-What benefits do I get as a Silver Sneakers member?

As a Silver Sneakers member patrons may purchase any other service at the Recreation Center at the member price.


-How do I obtain my on-line credentials?

To obtain your online credentials please email the Rec Center at or call the Welcome Desk at (304)-696-4732.

Job Opportunities

-How can I work for the Rec?

If you are interested in working at the Recreation Center, please apply here. Jobs are filled on an as needed basis. When applying to the talent pool, you are asked to select your areas of interest. You may be contacted as jobs become available. Applying to the talent pool does not guarantee that there are open positions that match your interests.


-Where can I park?

Parking is located at the lot on 20th Street and 5th Avenue across from the Rec.  Parking permits are required by the Marshall University Parking office. Meters are located in the annex lot located directly across 20th Street in the first row.


-Where can I get a parking pass at the Rec?

Parking passes can be purchased at the Recreation Center Welcome Desk. Eligible members can fill out an application to purchase a pass at the Welcome Desk, and the pass is valid for one (1) calendar year beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30. Parking passes are not prorated.

General Information

-Where is the Rec located? Where do I enter the building?

402 Thundering Herd Drive

Huntington WV, 25755

The entrance of the Rec Center faces the turf field and First Year Residence Halls.


-What are the hours of operation?

Break and specific area hours of operation be found here.


-How can I find out if the Rec is still operating during inclement weather?

If inclement weather exists, we will remain open regular hours unless announced otherwise. Certain areas of the facility may close due to safety precautions. The quickest way to find out about closures and other messages is by following the Rec Center on social media. Follow us on facebook at or on Twitter @MURecreation


-Can I purchase a guest pass for a friend or family member?

Yes, members can sponsor a guest by purchasing a guest pass for $10 at the Welcome Desk. Students can purchase a guest pass for $6.


-How many laps around the track equal a mile?

The Recreation Center track is 1/7 of a mile long, patrons must circle the track 7 times to reach 1 mile.


-Why can I only bring water into the facility?

In an effort to keep the facility as clean as possible, only water is allowed in the facility. Food and drinks are permitted in the lobby only.


-How do I get to the pool from the front desk?

The pool can be accessed through the locker rooms past the showers. It can also be accessed through the hallway that leads from the base of the stairs by the elevator on the first floor through to the Family Changing rooms. We recommend that patrons with small children use the family changing rooms.


-Does the rec provide locker and/or towel services?

Patrons are able to rent lockers for their personal use. They are available to rent on a semester/yearly basis. Large shower towels are available to anyone who currently has locker service. Please see the Welcome Desk to rent a locker.


-What equipment is free to rent?

Patrons are eligible to rent equipment at the equipment checkout desk located in the ProShop. Basketballs, racquetball rackets, tennis rackets, volleyballs, indoor and outdoor soccer balls, foosballs, badminton rackets, wallyballs, footballs and ultimate Frisbees.


-Is the pool open to the public during birthday parties/pool rentals?

Yes, the pool is open for use during parties that are scheduled during open pool hours.


-When can the vortex be utilized?

Monday through Friday after 4pm, Saturday starting at noon, and Sunday starting at 1pm.


-How do I sign up for swim lessons?

Patrons may sign up for group swim lessons by clicking here, or by visiting the Recreation Center Welcome Desk.

Private lessons are available. Please visit the Recreation Center Welcome desk to get started.


-How much is it to climb the rock wall?

A try climb cost $3 and includes 2 climbs up the wall. You must be a member or purchase a guest pass fee to gain access to the building. The climbing fee is an additional fee.

Belay certifications are available and enables patrons to climb without paying the try climb fee. To find out more about belay certifications, please click here.

Intramural Sports

-How do I sign up for Intramurals?

Students, faculty and staff of Marshall University may sign up for Intramurals by visiting


-What fitness classes are free with my membership?

Please click here to see the complete schedule of fitness classes. Classes are subject to change due to low participation.

-What are Premium fitness classes?

Premium fitness classes are available for members and non-members for a fee. These classes are progressive, require specialized equipment, and instructor certifications. Members receive Premium Classes at a discounted member rate. Click here to see the fitness schedules.

My question isn’t listed. Where can I go for more information?

Please browse the Campus Recreation website at or call us at (304)-696-4REC (4732).